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    Why not always pad Xid?

    Bill Burke Master

      mok, Can try a few more things,

      look at http://<your-server>:8082

      and make sure that your jndi name is there, should be something like


      You might also try with your initial context adding the property
      env.put("java.naming.rmi.security.manager", "yes");

      Btw, is the jndi lookup from within JBOSS (same jvm) or an external client?

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          Igor Fedorenko Newbie

          If my memory serves me right, we were concerned that other tx manager would not like the padding zeros. Or there was a tx manager (Informix???) that did not like the padding. It's been too long, sorry...

          I wonder if JBoss Group now has resources to test this with different tx managers.

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            Bill Burke Master

            I think whether or not to pad needs to happen at the JCA level. That the XAResource interface must be wrapped and when prepare or commit is called a new Xid should be created based on whether padding should be done or not. We will need the same for XAResource.recover as different XAResources require different flags here.