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    NEKO parsing error caused by ampersand

    Michael Heinen Newbie

      I have a question regarding the usage of the Neko parser and following error message:
      Parse Error: XML Parsing Error: A semi colon character was expected

      The message is caused by the scr attribute of an iframe tag and the ampersand between parameter value foo1 and parameter name p2 to separate http parameters:

      <t:outputText escape="false"
       value="<iframe src='/file/dummy?p1=foo1&p2=foo2"></iframe>"/>

      If I use the TIDY parser then the src attribute is rendered as above specified.
      The Neko parser changes the & to '&' (without quotes) which causes a parser error during ajax response.

      How do I have to specify these entity references in jsps?
      Or is there a way to configure NEKO that it is not transformed?
      Any ideas ?


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          Michael Heinen Newbie

          I got this working by using different encodings for requests that are processed by NEKO parser.

          Is there any public method in richfaces that can be used in order to determine whether the current request will be processed by NEKO parser ?

          I used some snippets from org.ajax4jsf.webap.ConfigurableXMLFilter and from BaseXMLFilter which is ugly of course and not working if multiple parsers are defined for different views/resources.

          something like "getParserNameForRequest(FacesContext context)" would be very helpful.