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    Scott Stark Master

      What is the difference between the jbossts and jbossts14 releases? I thought jbossts14 was just the jdk14 compatible version, but there are not equivalent versions under each:

      [starksm@succubus jboss]$ ls jbossts
      4.2.2.GA/ CVS/ snapshot/
      [starksm@succubus jboss]$ ls jbossts14/
      4.2.3.CR2/ 4.2.3.CR3/ CVS/ snapshot/

      jbossas4.2 included jbossts14-4.2.3.CR3 and I want to synch up jboss5. Is that the version I should use or should there be a jbossts-4.2.3.CR3 release?

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          Scott Stark Master

          I just tried using the jbossts14-4.2.3.CR3 in head and there appear to be diffs in the integration code as it won't compile.

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            Scott Stark Master

            Actually the error was do to an upgrade of jacorb I was testing. There are some incompatibilties with the current iiop integration layer and jacorb 2.3.0.

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              Mark Little Master

              Yes, JacORB 2.3 isn't supported by the JTS component of TS at this time because of incompatibilities with the way it handles persistent IORs. This shouldn't be a problem for the purely local JTA implementation, since it has no dependency on CORBA.

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                Jonathan Halliday Master

                > What is the difference between the jbossts and jbossts14 releases?

                jbossts14 is compiled with jdk 1.4 and intended to support AS 4.2. It does not have JDBC3. Apart from that the codebase for a given tag is currently the same as for the jbossts build, which is compiled with jdk 5 and intended for AS 5.0 Building that version is a bit more work, so I don't do it for every CR, which is why it's currently lagging slightly. You can use the jbossts14 build in AS 5, but you won't get support for JDBC 3 specific methods in the transactional database driver.