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    XTS source folders


      Not really sure if this should be posted here. But it seems to fit better here than in the user forum.

      I've downloaded the JBossTS source tree, and I can see that the XTS source code is split in five folders: WSAS, WS-C, WSCF, WS-T and WSTX. As far as I understood, the WS-C folder stores the WS-Coordination implementation code, the WS-T folder stores the WS-AtomicTransaction/BusinessActivity source code and the WSCF folder stores the WS-CoordinationFramework implementation code. What does the folders WSAS and WSTX contain? I can see that WSTX contains a lot of stuff related to WS-AtomicTransaction/BusinessActivity. Is this some kind of "common" source folder?

      Thanks in advance.

      PS: if this is in the wrong forum, please let me know and I'll post this in the user forum.

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          WSAS contains an implementation of a version of what became OASIS WS-Context. WS-TX provides transaction model implementations for WS-T and WS-TM (went on to become part of WS-CAF).