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    TransactionManagerService and jndi binding

    Adrian Brock Master

      The current TransactionManagerService has a lot of its jndi binding code

      As part of something I'm trying to do to make jca/jta lazy/optional
      for the new web-profile, I need to control the access for the TSR (transaction
      synchronization registry).

      i.e. I need to know if somebody looks it up and if it is the first use of JTA.

      If it is I bootstrap the transaction manager and give them the real TSR.

      But this isn't at all configurable.

      What I need is:
      1) a getTransactionSynchronizationRegistry() method on the TransactionManagerService
      2) a way to tell the TransactionManagerService not to bind that object.

      Ideally, all the jndi bindings (both where and how) should be controlled by configuration
      within transaction-jboss-beans.xml