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    JBossAS transaction test regression

    Jonathan Halliday Master

      In pre-release testing of the new JBossTS 4.5, I see a regression for org.jboss.test.tm.test.MTTransactionManagerUnitTestCase.testCommitSameTxInTwoThreads

      The test assumes that TransactioManager.commit() will barf if the transaction associated to the thread has already been committed. This is no longer the case.

      The new JBossTS assumes that if you ask to commit the transaction and it's committed by the time the method returns then all is well. You'll get an warn in the logs but no exception.

      I believe this is consistent with the JTA API specification and more user friendly, so I'm challenging the test rather than rolling back our modification.

      Please let me know if you have any reason to believe this behaviour will break things other than the test and if so, on what grounds they rely on getting an exception.