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    ClientUserTransaction and the JTS

    Jonathan Halliday Master

      I'm starting to investigate AS 5 testsuite failures with the server running in JTS mode rather than with the default JTA.

      First up: ClientUserTransaction is barfing because the transaction propagation context (tpc) used by the JTS contains classes from the JTS implementation that are not present on the client classpath. The RMI classloader does not have a policy to permit them to be remote loaded from the server, so deserialization fails.

      Apparent options: add the jts implementation to the manifest of jbossall-client.jar; change the client classpath so it includes the jts impl jar in addition to jbossall-client.jar (not all users need the jts); change the classloader policy; change the tpc implementation.

      My vote is for changing the jbossall-client.jar. Any thoughts from the AS team?