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    How can I add new catalog for repo workspace?

    Waldemar Klaczynski Newbie

      I have executed new unit, bridge among JTA/XTS and XTS/JTA. Considerably expanding capability project TXBridge, make by Jonathan Halliday.

      Unit owns two handlers:
      1. WSTransactionBridgeServiceHandler:
      It owns identical capabilities as to txbridge, so, connection of transaction after part of service, but it has been overwritten on new requirements again and about new elements extended.

      2. WSTransactionBridgeClientHandler:
      Connection of transaction enables after part of client for created transaction already JTA.

      I would like to render accessible source on license Open Source, but I lack entitlement for personal creation of subcatalog in repo labs.

      I would ask about some informations .
      How can I add new profile for repo workspace?