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    tooling refresh

    Jonathan Halliday Master

      I'm getting dangerously bored of hacking configuration beans and my mind is wandering towards tooling...

      We currently have a jmx browser, performance graphing tool and object store browser, along with a generic swing based container for hosting these.

      Since trunk is now tied to version of the JDK guaranteed to be recent enough include jconsole (and even VisualVM if you happen to be using Sun's JDK), I'm leaning towards throwing out the jmx browser and perf graphing bits in favour of jmx hooks that will let jconsole provide equivalent functionality. Its built in graphing support is not great, but we could offer a plugin, or upsell Jopr :-)

      The object store browser is the heavy weight bit. Right now it talks direct to the object store on disk, which is a bit limiting. Would something based on dynamic mbeans be feasible? I'm looking to reuse as much generic tool support as possible and going the jmx route gives us a lot of functionality for free. REST is another option, although generic front end tools for RESTful APIs are still scarce compared to things that consume mbeans and we'd need an embedded web server if running outside JBossAS.