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    Current status/TODO

    Andrew Oliver Master

      ServerMBean - presently working pretty nicely. On MAC OS X at least I still cannot accept two connections created at the exact same instant. I have to do a Thread.sleep(1) on the client. I've broken it running outside of JBoss ATM. I need to figure out how to get "class" mode to work for things like the protocol factory. I may have to just create methods which take the class in a setter. The implication is that the unit tests don't work ATM. I really want them to be able to run outside of JBoss and have some higher level tests which run *against* JBoss.

      StaticUserRepositoryMBean - seems to work okay for now. If someone could write an EJBUserRepositoryMBean which goes against a session bean of a paticular signature that would be good (as well as the session bean which should go to some entity beans on option A)...

      JMSMailListener - I can't tell if it *actually* works ATM. I'm not sure how I'm going to write the unit tests (admittedly I didn't test-first here because this is more or less throw away code I think). I'm considering writing my own JNDI provider which gives me back whatever I want. This isn't probably our final impelmentation as its ACTUALLY going over JMS rather than just directly invoking MBeans. I've not got it attached to Protocol/ProtocolFactory yet.

      ProtocolFactory - I decided to keep it and turn it into an MBean. The CVS version doesn't work correctly yet as it has no way to get properties to Protocol. I'm working on it and should have something tomorrow. Its going to drive the bulk of configuration right now, with global and protocol-specific properties. I thought it was kind of ugly to have "server-name" repeated for every protocol. I'm still thinking this over...maybe protocols should be just JMX services...

      In short, the code is in a rather unstable state ATM. I need to finish up some work to get ProtocolFactory/Protocol working how I want. I'll then commit some sample configuration files. I'll post again tomorrow. It would be nice if someone looks and gives their thoughts on how to divide up the complexity/flexibilty for the JMX services.

      One area I'm concerned with is authorization.. We may need more than just "yes or no" in user repository...however I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.