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    Andrew Oliver Master

      I've made more changes..the biggest is that we actually create a SAR... More are detailed here: http://linuxintegrators.com/hl40/blog/code/?permalink=0025.html

      I've committed them now...I also stuck all the headers on... Jump in anywhere you like... Unit tests don't work right now due to JMX issues... I'm going to have a stand alone mode so that they do work...

      The biggest opportunities for contribution:

      MDBean which calls to a Session bean which writes them via EntityBeans in Option A mode

      MDBean which calls a session bean which sends the mails

      UserRepositoryMBean which takes session bean name as argument and delegates its operations... The session bean should go to entity beans etc...

      MailListenerMBeans of various types...

      POPProtocol (I figure I'll be the one doing this but its always nice to ask ;-) )

      Unit tests for things in SMTP that we don't do yet or aren't doing right...

      TLS(SSL) stuff..