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    Mail Server Settings

    Steve Lewis Expert

      I started to write a bean that would have getters/setters for the mail settings, but then I wondered if there was a way to not re-invent the wheel.

      Is there already a way to suck in the XML from jboss-service.xml? I was just going to use DOM, and see if I couldn't write a small java app to take input. Then we could put an actual GUI front end on it.

      I'm guessing some of this type of stuff is being done in the new JB4 console (reading/writing jboss-service.xml), but I'm not sure.


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          Steve Lewis Expert

          put mylib.jar into your ear file - either at the root, or in a sub-directory (I use library/mylib.jar), then modify the manifest file you package with your ejb to include a reference to the utility jar - something like:

          Manifest-Version: 1.0
          Class-Path: library/mylib.jar library/myotherlib.jar

          Those library jars will be available to the EJBs, and any classes in the WAR applications also ... but don't forget that the class-loader can only see "up" the tree. So a class in the EJB will be able to find a class in mylib.jar, but a class in mylib.jar won't be able to find a class that is down in one of the other class loaders (such as the web-inf/lib area of the web application).

          Hope this helps ...


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            Andrew Oliver Master

            If you're interested in working on this I can send you some code I've started working on: http://superlinksoftware.com/cgi-bin/erswiki.pl?JBossConsole
            (haven't moved this over to the Jboss wiki yet, will soon)

            I want to put some hooks into the deployer to deal wit hthis...

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              Steve Lewis Expert

              Okay, sure, you can send it to me. I may do some work on it here and there. I probably won't have gobs of time.

              We can probably use WebStart and deploy it that way. We've just started doing some WebStart here at work and it rocks.