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    Change rich:effect color

    Techie Exchange Newbie

      I would like to change default rich:effect color.

      From script.aculo.us doc -> to pass parameters to change color:

      new Effect.Highlight('id_of_element', [options]);
      new Effect.Highlight(element, [options]);
      new Effect.Highlight('my_field', {startcolor:'#ff99ff', endcolor:'#999999'})

      So i did like this:

      <rich:effect name="showLeaseDiv" for="highlightLeasePanel" type="Highlight"
      params="{startcolor:'#ff99ff',endcolor:'#999999'}" />

      Then I'm getting error
      Expected a ':' after a key at character 43 of {{startcolor:'#ff99ff',endcolor:'#999999'}}

      Any help would be highly appreciated.