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    Back and status query

    Andrew Oliver Master


      "acoliver" wrote:
      please do not forumtise other topic in other forums. It can be presumed that anyone interested is monitoring that forum for new topic or the mail list and will respond.

      I apologize if my posting a reference here was inappropriate. However, the topic in "Beginners Corner" has received very little feedback, and I don't believe the question is very complex, nor do I feel I haven't provided enough detail in the question to warrant an answer.

      I'm somewhat frustrated, I suppose.

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          Steve Lewis Expert

          Yes they have. I've learned a good bit from them. I'm currently implementing my own MBean for work, so hopefully I should be up to speed sooner than later.


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            mike andrews Newbie

            i managed to complete a few little odds and ends including the MailLogMBean issue. hope folks like it --- its actually a compromise between what otherwise would have been ripped out and the original conversational idea, while keeping the ability to manage things at runtime through jmx.

            i'm not completely clear about M1 status, but i think it'd be useful to compile an inventory of completed and remaining issues in one forum post, maybe iteratively. i'm not so sure if script runner is essential for M1 (although it certainly would be helpful nonetheless in achieving M1), and if folks feel its not, i'd like to personally defer working on that in favor of a more critical issue. my take is that critical issues include 'bounce messages', 'header normalization', 'tls/jbosssx', and maybe a few bug fixes too. i'm probably missing something though.

            i adjusted the release schedule a bit on the jboss wiki to reflect how things have evolved so far; hope that's ok but if not someone please feel free to re-adjust some more. will also try to contribute more to jboss wiki as time goes by.

            i'd like to be running jboss-mail in a production environment for a little while before releasing it, either for M1 or another release soon thereafter, just to make sure everything works ok in reality (this is in addition to all our rigorous tests).

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              Kabir Khan Master

              I've done:

              Header normalization - It would be good if somebody could check through it as I got a bit confused at times by the specs, but I believe what I have done is correct.
              JBossSX/TLS integration - For SMTP, needs adding to POP

              Am working on:
              Bounce messages, should be ready over the weekend.

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                Andrew Oliver Master

                Okay, and I think Kabir fixed the most annoying bugs with remote/local mail. So I plan to leave the remaining items to you guys so that you get more ownership in the code (Though I'll be doing testing and bug fixes most likely). Meanwhile, I'm going to work on test cases, documentation and the stuff that often is overlooked on a release. Guys, I want to say that I think you're awesome. I've never worked with two relative open source newbies who came on board with the process so quickly and started cracking on code...especially code they didn't write from scratch. Definitely keep it up, your efforts are appreciated! We're going to kick some major butt!