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    Final tasks for M1

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Hi gang,

      I feel we're ready for the release candidate with just a few small tasks to complete. I'll work on tweaking the build to put out a distribution. I'm also working on completing the docs for M1 (http://jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=MailServicesInstallingM1) and can use some help here. The main thing I need help on is the TLS support. I've been testing with satisfactory results, but am going out of town (to Atlanta yuck) to conduct a training.

      Lets aim for Milestone 1 release candidate 1 by the end of the week. We won't widely advertise it but I'll be installing it on my system as my primary mail server. If you don't hear from me, check and make sure its not your fault haha!

      Meanwhile lets start specing out M2. Please don't target things for M2 that you couldn't personally complete/help complete by around May 15. I think an essential part of this is going to be the Mail List support.