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    M2 Spec'ing

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Let's discuss what we want for M2:

      1. Mail Lists. I'll head this up. Once we have this ready we can start using Mail Services to run Marc's newsletter which should give us some good data on how well we handle volume.

      2. POP/SSL. Who wants this? It seems that we can't just do starttls.

      3. Figure out Security - We need to move towards something that makes sense.

      4. Test kit. We should all take part in this of course.

      5. Chainable Mail Listeners. Mail Listeners should be either top level (like now) where ALL send the mail or chainable in some kind of pipeline where they can consume or not consume the mail. This should be

      6. Nukes integration. Once we get this we can start working on having the JBoss forums go two way. This will give us the mother of all real world test cases. We can live or die here.

      7. Calendaring - Integrate the third party code.

      8. Other backends for user repository (or whatever takes its place): EJB, LDAP, ??

      What else? Anything that shouldn't or can't be on the list? What do you guys want to work on? Can we do all of this inside of a month?