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    Pre-testing for M1RC1

    Andrew Oliver Master

      I'm doing my pre-testing for M1RC1 and I have to say, I'm impressed. The TLS and SSL support is awesome. Also sending mail feels remarkably faster than JAMES (which I use presently) even using SSL!!! I feel really good about this release. Everyone especially: Eric, MikeA, MikeK and Kabir should feel really proud of themself.

      Eric got sucked into work but he wrote the first POP stuff and rounded out SMTP. May he rest in peace and enjoy his cubelife haha. :-)

      MikeK came in around that time but got I think got frustrated by how latent I got as I was traveling around. He came back later when I pinged him to finish the SSL stuff.

      Kabir and MikeA came in about the same time.

      Mike really got cracking on rounding a number of things out. He even went to JBoss Advanced with Bill to fascillitate his JBoss knowledge. I'm particularly glad he's taken up the test kit.

      Kabir came in did some stuff and then went on Vacation. However, when he came back he came back with a vengence. He fixed lots of bugs and implemented some things that lingered for way to long. Bounce messages and some message duplication come to mind the most.

      All of you are greatly valued and I look forward to working with you on making the imminent Release candidate into a release and working on the next one. You guys are top notch. Keep it up.