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    domain name case sensitivity and internet domain literal

    mike andrews Newbie

      just committed some revisions to M1 which fixed two small problems. test cases were added for both.

      first problem was that server wasn't treating domain names with required case insensitivity. i fixed that in DomainGroup implementation. now server accepts mail for mikea@localhost or mikea@Localhost or mikea@LocALhOst etc. DomainGroupMBean contract changed a bit as a result, although byte code is unchanged.

      other problem was that server was not accepting internet domain literals in addresses, like 'mikea@[127.0.01]' or 'mikea@[]'. now it is. rfc 1123-5.2.17 says we should do this.

      added test cases (scripts) for both issues, and script runner is still running against separate networked M1 server (see smtp-scripts.xml)

      andy, i found these bugs while "eating my own dog food" on your M1 mail server [thanks for setting that up!], and i'm sure this strategy of us using the product ourselves every day will turn out to be a fantastic quality control. i may have found another obvious bug too after just a little bit of usage but am still investigating.