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    M1 issue - database gets corrupted.

    Andrew Oliver Master

      There is some kind of issue that I'm not sure how to reproduce. After running for awhile with M1, eventually the database gets corrupted in some manner which causes NPEs. It could be due to some piece of spam I get. I'm trying to narrow down which data causes it. If someone is up for it (whom is a known member of the team because I don't want to send my email to someone I just met ;-) ) I'd like to send you the hypersonic database and get another pair of eyes on this. It manifests itself as a "can't get the data object" but that may be because I have to keep the log level so low that we're not catching it. For M2 or 3 we do need to rationalize our logging and error handling a bit.

      For those of you on my mail server, you'll see this bug when it says "Service is Unavailable" or what have you.