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    server log errors

    mike andrews Newbie

      i guess we can switch back to forum discussions from private email now, since the forums seem to have recovered from their recent hiccup.

      saw some interesting things in andy's machine's log at 07:00am this morning when
      acoliver's mailbox was accessed (presumably by pop3)...

      MessageSB.getMessagesForFolder was called, but i didn't see the "Message
      ID=..." series of log messages as expected, when collection is iterated over. so
      looks like server hung up here in getting the messages

      also, next log message occurs 6 minutes later, in a 'transaction timout'
      error. presumably this was due to the probable hangup i just described.

      the MessageSB method seems a bit awkward architecturally, since at that
      point we're retrieving the whole message, headers+body, when all we really
      need is the primary key and headers of the message. using the primary key,
      we can retrieve the body later on, if the client requests it. so i think
      the architecture should be able to support that. currently, retrieving bodies at that point too seems to possibly be overburdening a machine which is already continuously swapping due to low memory.

      we could still return an array of EntityMessage's from MessageSB.getMessagesForFolder, but use a new implementation that defers getting the body till its requested by caller. would require looking up entitymessage ejb again, since we can't reuse original one from the Collection in another transaction. we'd have to set the loading groups to support this deferred body retrieval.

      how does that sound? still doesn't address the weird cross-folder bug we're trying to track down.


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          Andrew Oliver Master

          We should do both I think. LIST does one thing, GET another. Also pay attention the the load semantics. Right now we're eager loading. We might even consider dropping the eager loading becuase we are on option A but I figured there was a high chance we wouldn't be in cache. Over the summer "set" is going to get some upgrades Mr. Andersen. (actually I'll probably ditch the box for a PC, its a really big server and I've never expanded it)