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    Andrew Oliver Master

      I'm dickering with NIO in hopes of getting "timeout" to work. Furthermore I think I can do better with heap protection. Overall I think we'll be better off with non-blocking IO... It just looks like a pain so far. ;-)

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          I'm making the changes for NIO in parrallel so as not to hold anyone up. There will be two versions of some things for now "NIO" and "IO" -- To get the NIO edition use the NIOServer as opposed to the Server mbean. They share interfaces however. Mostly anything effected will check if "socket" is null and use channel instead. I should be done before long however. I'm not sure how this will work with SSL... have to look into that.

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            Andrew Oliver Master

            For my first pass I'm going to do this as thread-per-client because cmdData and other pieces which take over the stream will have to be pretty drastically altered (mostly CmdAUTH and CmdDATA). I'm betting POP will be more so (but I haven't looked there in awhile and I didn't write that code). I'll only worry about basic NIO thread-per-client, timeout and heap protection for the next milestone. I'll worry about SSL, event-driven for the following milestone.

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              iwadasn Newbie

              I was under the impression that SSL only worked with NIO as of java 1.5. You'll probably have to make it 1.5 only if you want to use NIO for SSL.

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                Andrew Oliver Master

                Yeah, we'll probably put this off for now. we could make it SSL only one 1.5...but neah.