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    Database as mail storage

    Daniel Schaller Newbie


      "iwadasn" wrote:

      This is basically asking for a short architectural overview. Some of this I dug up on the forums, but I would like a fairly detailed overview. Here's a little bit of a starting point......

      Have you checked out our wiki? That's where all the info is kept (and in the forums!)

      "iwadasn" wrote:

      I take it that the mail services uses ejb-cmp in order to store all the actual data. IMAP support is planned, but not available yet (so I hear).

      "iwadasn" wrote:

      Does the email server support attachments? Do these attachments get stored in the database, or does the system use one of those horrible hybrid db/file systems that leaves half the data on your app server and half of it in the database.

      It is all stored in the database

      "iwadasn" wrote:

      Can the mail server integrate with one of the java webmail systems out there? Is there a plan to integrate it with http://sourceforge.net/projects/jwma at some point in the future?

      Web mail is planned. HOW has not been decided, but thanks for bringing up jwma

      "iwadasn" wrote:

      Is there a plugin architecture for spamasassin and similar modules?

      It is planned. As Andy pointed out in some other thread, we need more users trying out JBoss Mail and demanding features for the project to go forward :-)

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          BTW the plugin architecture is there but subject to change. Nothing would stop someone at this point writing a spam-assasin module. That being said...and I realize I'll be flamed.....portions of spam assasin will have to be reimplemented in Java or connected with the unholy JNI in order for spamassasin to perform well. Presently I'm underwhelmed with spam-assasin's performance overall anyhow with other mail servers.