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    tooltip posistion not consistent

    pieter martin Newbie


      I am trying to use the rich:tooltip as follows

      <s:div id="divId" style="specialBox" styleClass="prettyBox">
       <rich:toolTip direction="top-right" for="divId">
       <h:outputText value="#{taskInstanceForToken[token.id].name}"/>

      The mouse over event works fine but the box appears no where near the mouse pointer.
      It is far off to the bottom right. I need to put horizontalOffset="-300" and verticalOffset="-350" to get the tooltip close to the mouse pointer.

      I have many of these divs with the nested tooltips. With the offsets each tooltip pops at a different relative position to the mouse pointer. I am unable to see a pattern to where the tooltip will pop.

      I imagine somewhere my css is messing the positioning up but do not know where to look.

      Any help will be appreciated.