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    Load/Performance testing

    Andrew Oliver Master

      The major feature for M3 should be performance and resource conservation (or at least a configurable balance where the two are at odds). Unfortunately, I'm not finding very many good load test tools designed for SMTP/POP. Please pipe up if you know of anything that:

      1. Allows for simple capture of traffic in order to create load scenarios.
      2. Allows for distributed load test nodes
      3. Allows for configurable traffic patterns
      4. Can do validation
      5. Can log errors and validate errant behavior
      6. Best if open source
      7. Better if Java


      "postal" is a little unix C program - it is single node and I don't really understand what some of the required options mean (the one after list of users which mangles the user names???). Its single node and is pretty manual.

      "JMeter" is extensible but doesn't do SMTP and POP. The docs on extending it aren't very good. However it looks like actually plugging into it is more work than writing your own. I don't really need to draw graphs or do stupid stuff like that. Comma del or output via POI will let Excel (or your favorite "not Excel") can draw the graphs for me.

      "OpenSTA" and friends are all HTTP only. (Worse OpenSTA is winblows only we need to be able to run it on Unix/Linux)

      So I'm thinking of rolling our own. Anyone have any ideas? Anyone interested in doing this? I have some ideas for it.