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    Lets get everyone on JIRA

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Hi all,

      I'm not a big fan of JIRA (http://jira.jboss.org) as bug trackers go, but it is ours. If you're patching and committing please keep JIRA up to date. I want to track features and be able to create some kind of reasonable release notes. Its hard to do if I have to go through commit logs. Its also kinda hard to figure out what other folks are doing. mikezzz sent a patch (which I applied) and then dawie did other stuff. Is the work part of the same stuff? Is it different (if so what did it solve/change/etc)? I have to go through the code to find out and cross-corrolate with CVS. If I had a nice bug with comments I could nail it down and can help publicise/document features that people might miss otherwise and help disseminate information, etc etc...

      So log into jira.jboss.org. If you don't have access to jmail and think you should (have contributed, if you're just "planning" we don't believe you until you have actually contributed ;-) ).

      If you have contributed and do not have commit access write me (acoliver at jboss dot org) and I'll request commit access for you. (Mike: this means you)

      Also, please help keep watch for patches. I don't want to be a bottleneck anymore now that we have a little traction.

      If you have emailed me and I haven't replied -- don't worry -- JBmail delivered it but I have soooooo many mails and my internet access is only reliable in the hotel which I get to late at night so I'm way behind. Email me again on Friday if I haven't replied.