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    Default delivery of all unknown email

    Henry Newbie

      I am looking for a solution and a sample configuration to the following problem.

      I need a way to deliver all email that does not map to a valid email account to be delivered to a default account.

      So let's say an email was delivered to my email server to the following address ajax@mycompany.com. There is no user in my system with the account ajax. So instead of sending an Undeliverable email back to the sender I would like to place this in a default mailbox.

      Is this something that JBMail can handle or would I need to implement this myself?

      Thanks in advance

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          We don't presently have that, but you could easily create a mail listener that did this. All you'd need is to implement the mail listener interface and wrap it as an MBean. Use the existing mail listeners as an example and just add it to the config. Heck we'd take this as a patch. Also consider posting it as a feature request to jira.jboss.org.