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    What dev tools?

    Ahmed Mohombe Newbie


      Please tell what dev tools do you use. And also what testing/debugging tools to develop/test JBossMail? (I don't mean the platform(e.g. Eclipse), but the tools/plug-ins etc.).
      Especially how to test/ensure if the protocols(/dns) work the way they should?
      Some special TCM monitors/loggers?

      Also, do you use only the RFCs to implement? I red them but don't understand a word :(. Are they somewhere described/explained? Or what's the procedure to get those protocols to really work?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Andrew Oliver Master

          I mostly use VI and unix shells. For the debugging/testing...right now I use just email clients and the log4j stuff (we have log wrappers that catch the protocol layer). I also like ethereal for this kinda stuff.

          I only refer to the RFC if I have to...and they really are only kinda useful because everyone violates them so you have to test and watch what REALLY gets sent. Howver I don't find the mail ones so hard...especially since most give the client and server traffic examples..

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            Michael Barker Apprentice

            Eclipse & JBoss IDE (Makes debugging very easy).