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    M3 MSGSTORE->Mailbox

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Hi guys,

      Our code has some namespace collision. The Hibernate stuff calls itself a "store" and the Body stuff is kinda confused between store and whathave you.

      It ought to say:

      Hibernate Stuff -> Mailbox impelmetnation (like the CMP stuff only without the suck)
      Body stuff -> Mail Store (or message if it makes you feel appropriately stodgy)

      Particular body stuff: Mail Store impelmentation.

      Right now it pretty confusing to configure, because of the terms used.


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          Dawie Malan Newbie

          The Hibernate code is actually an implementation of a Store, but I agree, the namespace has become somewhat confusing.

          I'm just giving Mike some elbowroom to do the store stuff, once he's done I will do some cleaning up before adding the Hibernate Mailbox implementation.

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            Michael Barker Apprentice

            The hibernate msgstore will be migrating to become part of the org.jboss.mail.store package (my current task, hopefully done at end of this week).

            I have a couple of small tasks to do to complete the integration of the mail store (done in the next day or 2). Once that is done, things should be settled enought for Dawie to integrate the new Mailbox implementation.

            Dawie if you have any questions about interacting with the store let me know. MailBody/MailBodyManagerMBean should be the only classes that you need to work with. The rest is pretty much transparent.

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              Andrew Oliver Master

              Yeah, my view is that MailBoxes are the provincia of hibernate and the STORE is the provincia of mike's blob stuff. Hibernate will never likely have adequate blob support for all databases. For at least a little while (read: at least another milestone release) I'd like to still support the CMP 2.x nasty stuff. It was on the docket for 1.0 but I think by then EJB3 will be at least out (probably missing J2EE 1.5, but ready) and we can forget the monstrosity that was CMP anyhow so why bother beyond another milestone or so. (open to conflicting opinions from you two and other code contributors)