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    HEADS UP: Milestone 3 pre1 in 1.5 weeks.

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Next monday after this one (or possible the weekend before), I plan to put out a m3-pre1 release.

      This will be a bit different than previous pre releases because we still haven't realized the bulk of M3 features and I don't intend to branch yet. We are however close to two of the most important. A release is a way to checkpoint and make sure the loose ends get tied up and as things get more complex that becomes more important.

      What I need from you guys is to get your stuff in shape and make sure it is configurable from the dist target. I plan to round things out but I may miss pieces especially what I don't know is there.

      Go through jira and check/update the status of thing you have worked on.

      One piece I want to start knocking on is JAAS. There are a lot more eyes on us and a lot more opportunity now (in either direction) so let's make a good show of it.