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    How to redirect to the first page by using  rich:datascrolle

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      Hi every one

      I am using rich:dataFilterSlider and rich:datascroller in my page
      I try to display 10 rows per page ,And I have 40 records in my DTO list.

      Assume the following:
      I am in the second page ,
      I try to filter the dataTable ,cases and the DTO list is reduced to say 2 (less than 10)

      I now see only the empty dataTable but with the msg. “2 results foundâ€� above the page scroller

      When I use the page scroller to go back, I then find the appropriate records displayed.

      I need to redirect to the first page under these conditions.

      How to do achieve this? Is there any option in rich:datascroller component to get this

      Thanks in anticipation