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    General questions about JBoss Mail

    JC Tremen Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm searching for an open source mail server that meet some requirements. I've took a look to JBoss Mail docs but I'm not sure if it suits my requirements.

      My mail server may fulfill the following:
      - it should be able to filter mail and to discard every message that does not include a specific e-mail address in the target addresses list.
      - it should be able to process filtered messages in order to take some actions other than to deliver messages (e.g. extract a message content and store it to further processing)
      - it should be able to discard messages sent from a non authorized e-amil address and/or IP without any mail client action. Therefore, any digital signature method is excluded and also encryption. I know that it means a very low security, but it's a critical requirement to avoid installing any mail client plugin even security plugins like PGP.

      I guess that JBoss Mail should meet previous requirements but I'm not sure. Furthermore, I don't know if any stable JBoss Mail release is available or if JBoss Mail is a raising project.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          1. yes
          2. You can write a mail listener for that but obviously you have to write the listener. You could also create a message driven bean and configure JBMS to use topics instead of queues.
          3. You might have to write a server mail listener. At the moment we don't support authorized IPs (its planned though).

          So we support most of what you want with a little elbow greese. Its likely that we'll support everything that you want with little or no elbow greese in the near future.