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    Preparing for M3-pre1 (TASK hunters, read this for TODOs)

    Andrew Oliver Master

      I've committed changes to the build-dist.xml that allowed me to create an install of HEAD that successfully installs with Hypersonic. In the near future I think I'm going to find ways to unify the build to make it impossible for people to develop/test without adding a build template/etc. :-)

      My next task is to try and merge in the nokia performance fixes. I'm very interested to get this in with the new stuff. I need to ask Thomas Diesler (JBoss web services) to remind me what the messages per second or whatever was for them. I was talking to an analyst the other day and I couldn't think of the number I was only like "your kidding? That good? Already?" :-)

      I'll start dinking to get it working on MySQL next week. Meanwhile, it would be helpful to get some help with PostgreSQL since I don't have it installed and am underwhelmed at the prospect of running two databases on my server. I can set it up in the lab but it will take too long since I've been robbing my lab servers for parts as of late :-).

      I'm pushing the load testing effort off to M4 most likely. I simply haven't had the bandwidth to make that happen this release though that is a major thing I want to get going very soon. This may push back the IMAP effort as well. We'll see.

      I'd like to check up with Heiko's fetchmail stuff shortly.

      It would be really good if someone could check into this bug: http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBMAIL-10. Verify identity prohibts you from setting "MAIL FROM" to a user you AREN'T authenticated as or "MAIL FROM" a local user unless authenticated. However it should allow you to send a mail to a local user when not authenticated so long as you don't SPOOF a local user.

      Dawie I believe is going to be working on his side of the integration of Hibernate mail storage and BLOB-based (what is thet status of this?) body storage.

      Tom Elrod (JBoss remoting lead) wrote me a very complimentary email about how easy it was to get things set up and how great JBoss Mail Server was working for him. You guys all deserve a pat on the back for that!