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    JBoss Mail Server read this first

    Andrew Oliver Master

      This forum is for JBoss Mail Server. It is not for the "server/default/deploy/mail-services.xml" JBossMail client. It is okay to ask user questions about JBoss Mail Server, it is not the place to ask general non-JBoss Mail Server user questions. Because JBMS is still in an early milestone (although it is already seeing corporate use), all users are seen as developers :-).

      If you are interested in pitching in, please let us know. There are many tasks in http://jira.jboss.org. Primarily the tasks we're most interested in are those for the present milestone release. We are happy to help people get involved in development and will happily spoon feed you tasks!

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          Michael Motet Newbie

          We have been working on the James Mail Server from Apache, and would like to know if anyone has any experience of the expected performance for the JBoss Mail Server.
          It seems to be an interesting solution, with good possibilities of integration with the JBoss portal. And as we are considering designing a solution based on JBoss, the JBoss mail server would be a modul we would consider including as a service.
          Though the solution we seek is a mailserver that can perform as well as the James Mailserver. Also we would like to know if it is as easy to work on the mail processing. As some of you may know, the James Mail Server makes use of "Mailets" which are modules, that can be used to process the mails as well as their contents.

          - Michael Motet

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            Andrew Oliver Master

            I'll reply to this in its own thread. It is not an approrpiate reply to the announcement. (not trying to be a jerk just it hurts other users looking for the same information)