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    Getting a4j:commandButton with getElementById fails

    Alexander Seitz Newbie


      I think the subject says everything. Here is my code:

      <h:form id="projectForm">
       <a:commandButton id="proUpdateButton" reRender="panel1" styleClass="button" action="#{projektManager.updateProjekt()}" value="Save changes"/>
       <h:inputText onchange="javascript:document.getElementById('projectForm:proUpdateButton').style.backgroundColor=red;" required="true" value="#{projekt.projektnummer}" maxlength="10" size="30"/>

      So what I want is to turn the Save button red, when the input field has changed.
      This does not work, because javascript cannot get the element by id (js error: document.getElementById("projectForm:proUpdateButton") has no properties).

      In the generated html page the id's look like:

      <form id="j_id102:projectForm" ...>
       <input id="j_id102:projectForm:proUpdateButton" ...>

      I do not want to hardcode the generated ids... whant can I do to make getElementById work with my jsf component id's?