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    Failure on Win2K

    Robert J. Sanford, Jr. Newbie

      So as I'm working through my issues in

      I decide that I'll try to run through the graphical install on a machine that the graphical install will run on. I have a Win2K machine set up for just that.

      The machine is running
      + Java 5
      + JBoss 4.01sp1
      + Win2K w/ all the latest and greatest service and security packs.

      The graphical installer runs just great and then I go in and re-start JBoss to make sure that the new deployment took. Exceptions because port 25 is already taken so I disable the Win2K SMTP service and restart once again. No more exceptions so life is good.

      But I can't connect to port 25 via telnet. Nothing is showing up in the log file as anyone even trying to connect.

      Did I forget to turn something off that would prevent someone from connecting to port 25?


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          Andrew Oliver Master

          is there any firewalling or port blocking set up? There is a gui that controls this hanging somewhere off of the networking config.

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            Robert J. Sanford, Jr. Newbie

            I do a netstat -a and get...

            P:\>netstat -a

            Active Connections

            Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
            TCP machinename:http machinename:0 LISTENING
            TCP machinename:epmap machinename:0 LISTENING
            TCP machinename:https machinename:0 LISTENING
            TCP machinename:microsoft-ds machinename:0 LISTENING
            TCP machinename:1098 machinename:0 LISTENING
            TCP machinename:1099 machinename:0 LISTENING

            That implies to me that nothing is listening below port 80 (http) which implies the basic SMTP config for the mail.ear/mail.sar/jboss-service.xml isn't loading up for whatever reason.

            The machine is Win2K and doesn't have the firewall software.

            The SMTP service is disabled...

            I go to the networks control panel for the ethernet adapter, go to TCP/IP settings and then go to advanced. Select IP filtering, enable filtering and allow all traffic. Re-boot and...

            No dice. Connection times out.

            I re-run netstat and get the same results.

            This is my test machine for my integration of jASEN :(

            Any clues?


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              Michael Barker Apprentice

              Is the user account, you are running jboss as, an adminstrator account?

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                Robert J. Sanford, Jr. Newbie

                On the Win2K box it is running as a service and is using the machine account. I *assume* that means it can run as admin.

                On my XP Pro box my user account is (and always has been) an admin, I run JBoss within a DOS box. It is working now after my latest build for some screwy reason...