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    Chance to contribute, fairly simple problem (GUI guys especi

    Andrew Oliver Master

      Hi all,

      I'm working on converting the install to izPack (http://www.izforge.com/izpack/) instead of our own effort, Cheese. In order to do this, I need a rather annoying limitation eliminated. Presently, the UserInputPanel requires a resource which can only be named userInputPanel.xml. This means there can only be one UserInputPanel. That is pretty much a non-starter for us. Someone posted some ideas here (http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=IzPack/Panels) and the code (I looked at it) seems straight forward. Likely, this will involve discussion and collaboration with the izPack guys.

      I have other work to do in order to get us there, but if no one steps up in a few days I'll do it myself.

      Next, we'll need ways to dynamically disable form controls (at least) or skip panels in the event a user doesn't ask for something (like SSL). That could be a bit more work (and is more GUI).



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          Scott Stark Master

          I'm not sure what you mean by a single UserInputPanel. The userInputSpec.xml resource can point to whatever you want as this is just a resource mapping. From the jbossas installer:

          <res id="userInputSpec.xml" src="@{jboss.build}/install/userInputSpec.xml"/>

          The userInputSpec.xml can have any number of panels defined. The jbossas install version currently defines 3:
           <!-- Server configuration name panel -->
           <panel order="0">
           <field type="title" align="right"
           txt=" Configuration Name" bold="true" size="2"
           <field type="text" variable="SERVER_CONFIG">
           <description align="left" txt="The jboss server/xxx configuration name, e.g., default, all"
           <spec txt="Name:" id="text.label" size="32" set="default"/>
           <field type="divider" align="center"/>
           <field type="staticText" align="left"
           txt="Note: Using a configuration name other than 'default' will require use of -c name to select the configuration" />
           <!-- JMX Security Panel -->
           <panel order="1">
           <field type="title" align="right"
           txt=" JMX Security" bold="true" size="2"
           <!-- JMX interface security -->
           <field type="staticText" align="left"
           txt="This section allows you to control whether the JMX interfaces are secured"
           <field type="check" variable="secureJmxConsole">
           <description align="left" txt="Should the jmx-console.war be secured?"
           <spec txt="Secure jmx-console.war" id="secureJmxConsole" true="true" false="false"
           <field type="check" variable="secureWebConsole">
           <spec txt="Secure web-console.war" id="secureWebConsole" true="true" false="false"
           <field type="check" variable="secureJmxConnector">
           <spec txt="Secure jmx-invoker-service" id="secureJmxConnector" true="true" false="false"
           <!-- The JAAS security domain names (without the java:/jaas prefix) -->
           <field type="divider" align="center"/>
           <field type="text" variable="jmxConsoleDomain">
           <description align="left" txt="The JAAS security domain name for the jmx-console.war"
           <spec txt="Enter security-domain:" id="text.label" size="32" set="jmx-console"/>
           <field type="text" variable="webConsoleDomain">
           <description align="left" txt="The JAAS security domain name for the web-console.war"
           <spec txt="Enter security-domain:" id="text.label" size="32" set="web-console"/>
           <!-- Keystore password -->
           <panel order="2">
           <!-- url encryption key-->
           <field type="staticText" align="left"
           txt="This key can be some arbitrary text. It will be used to encrypt the parameters sent on the url."
           <field type="rule" variable="urlEncryptionKey">
           <description align="left"
           txt="Alphanumeric key used to encrypt the url (max 10) e.g ebiKey007"
           <spec txt="Key to encrypt url:" layout="AN:12:10"/>
           <validator class="com.izforge.izpack.util.NotEmptyValidator"
           txt="The encryption key can only be alphanumeric chars upto length 10"/>

          only 2 of which are included in the install.xml configuration:
           The panels section.
           We indicate here which panels we want to use. The order will be respected.
           <panel classname="HelloPanel"/>
           <!-- Display the release readme panel -->
           <panel classname="HTMLInfoPanel"/>
           <!-- Display the LGPL panel -->
           <panel classname="LicencePanel"/>
           <!-- Display an installation location panel -->
           <panel classname="TargetPanel"/>
           <!-- Display an installation group selection panel -->
           <panel classname="InstallationGroupPanel"/>
           <!-- Display a pack selection panel -->
           <panel classname="PacksPanel"/>
           <!-- UserInputPanel#0 - server config name -->
           <panel classname="UserInputPanel"/>
           <!-- UserInputPanel#1 - jmx security -->
           <panel classname="UserInputPanel"/>
           <!-- Display a summary of the packs to install -->
           <panel classname="SummaryPanel"/>
           <!-- Do the install -->
           <panel classname="InstallPanel"/>
           <panel classname="SimpleFinishPanel"/>

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            Jeff Headley Newbie

            I've been looking through the archives of the izpack mailing list and it seems like we will have to extend the panel and write code to enable/disable fields conditionally. http://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/izpack-users/2005-July/001395.html

            The same for conditionally skipping panels. This person talks about how they accomplished that.


            Hope that helps a little,

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              Andrew Oliver Master

              Yes. check out the jboss-izpack module from our cvs. There are some enhancements already but not for this unfortunately. skipping panels would indeed be helpful.