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    Build changes

    Michael Barker Apprentice


      I have updated a couple of things in the build. Basically removed a lot of unecessary chunks, mostly the existing test stuff and moved 'run-test' to 'test'. The way to test is simply 'build test' (or './build.sh test' on *nix). Also I have set up the build script to read in a number of properties files. First there is 2 (supplied) properties files: build-1.4.properties and build-1.5.properties these are referenced in the build.xml using 'build-${java.specification.version}.properties'. Basically it allows for different configuration options based upon the JDK you are using. Currently the only thing that it handles at the moment is name of the aop deployer. Also there is a build-local.properties, which you can add yourself if required. It will override most of the settings in the build.xml. The main reason that is there is to set the 'sleepbeforetest' property, which you may need to tweak depending on how long it takes for JBoss to start on you machine. The default is 60 seconds.