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    Whitelists and Delayed Messages

    sappenin Novice

      I'm trying to get a handle on how one might implement a special case of a "whitelist" in JBM. From what I can tell, a whitelist in general could be as easy as a MailListener in the chain. The maillistener either delivers a message to a local user if the sender is on the list, or rejects the message if not on a whitelist.

      However, I'm wondering about a "special case". Would it be possible to "delay" any action on a message by marking it as pending somehow.

      For example, pretend a message is received, a whitelist is checked, and the sender of the msg is not on the whitelist. Some external-to-JBM workflow is triggered to alert the recipient that a message is "pending" for them, so long as they approve the message. If the local user approves the message, the message is delivered. If not, it is rejected.

      I realize that the workflow piece is outside the scope of JBM. However, what about the message "delay". Does JBM have a way to store a message, but not deliver it for a while (hours or days)?



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          Andrew Oliver Master

          JBM == JBMS (JBM actually refers to JBoss Messaging the rewrite of JBossMQ)

          The message should be routed via the mail listener to a special mailbox or queue.

          I can see this done like this. The MailListener removes the mail body and created a new body with "BLA BLA would you like it delivered message pertaining to 'buy viagra extra cheap' if so then click here".. Also the original headers are written to a new store object.

          A handler servlet (on the mail server no doubt) triggers an event that takes the original header, constructs a mail object, adds the header and reinvokes down the listener chain. The trick is that we don't have "envelopes" yet. Basically additioanl headers that cannot be written from outside. As an intermediate klude a special header could be used that contains the mail's body number (because outsiders couldn't guess this very easily) --- but I'd far rather see us implement envelopes.

          In short, no, please impelemnt this though becasue its on the list of things to do anyhow.