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    EJB3 vs Hibernate

    Michael Barker Apprentice

      I am currently working on the new Message & Mailbox persistance code. Since moving to JDK5 I have run into a problem with XDoclet that it chokes on code that uses generics. This leaves me with a couple of options:

      1. Don't use any JDK5 language features and keep using XDoclet for generation of hibernate XML metadata.

      2. Use JDK5 language features and write all of the XML metadata by hand.

      3. Switch to EJB3 and use JDK Annotations for metadata.

      My personal perference would actually be to go to EJB3 given we have already moved to JDK 5. I would like to use the new JDK5 language features and I detest writing XML metadata. The eventual plan was to use EJB3 so doing it now would save a rewrite from Hibernate to EJB3 in the future.

      Options? Thoughts? Questions?