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    mail.har has duplicate classes

    Scott Stark Master

      I was unzipping the current jboss-mail mail.har and unzip is saying that there are duplicate classes in this:

      [starksm@banshee9100 har]$ unzip ../mail.har
      Archive: ../mail.har
      replace org/jboss/mail/mailbox/hn/FolderDO.class? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: y
       inflating: org/jboss/mail/mailbox/hn/FolderDO.class
      replace org/jboss/mail/mailbox/hn/HnFolder$addMessage_N7782077460324101420.class
      ? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: n
      replace org/jboss/mail/mailbox/hn/HnFolder$commit_4252841159663424633.class? [y]es, [n]o, [A]ll, [N]one, [r]ename: