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    JBMS & Custom application logic

    kartik shah Newbie


      I'm currently evaluating JBMS for integration with our product. Our product has a requirement to handle workflows over email. This requires me to be able to detect bounced/failed email messages & email responses.

      One way I can handle this would be to poll a mailbox over POP3.

      But working with jbms, I was thinking there might be a way to handle this programmatically by monitoring a queue or even a callback mechanism. I have looked at the MailHandler interface, but haven't found a place to hook this in. Am I proceeding down the right path?

      Is there a better approach than using POP3 (or even IMAP)?

      Being a little new to mail infrastructure, I was hoping if someone could give me a better idea.

      Kartik Shah

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          Oooh I'm going to let Mike handle this but I'd just like to say yes this is exactly something you should use JBMS for. We'll certainly be extra helpful if you'd like to work with us. (we get early adoption and better requirements definition in the mail based applications space). Mike's been refactoring things to make this more possible so I'll let the tech explanation come from him on that..

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            Michael Barker Apprentice

            Yes, I am currently do some refactoring. However I am trying to make sure that the fundamental architecture remains intact. Your best bet is to use a mail listener placed in the local delivery chain. The listener would simply check the to address (or subject or whatever criteria you are interested in) and push the context of the mail onto you workflow system. I think (but have to check) if you return null from the listener then the chain will stop delivery at that point. Andy could you confirm this?

            I would also at some point like to open up the routing portion of the mail delivery such that you could plugin listeners and different routing rules there also.

            Michael Barker.