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    Progress or lack there of on Virtual Hosts

    Andrew Oliver Master

      So I'm working on the virtual hosts stuff. I've made progress...then made anti-progress (meaning I'm going to have to roll some of what I haven't committed back)..

      My original idea was to do this much more like a webserver plays it. However, it has occurred to me that I mostly won't be able to get the vhostname from SMTP and POP. I also can't get it from the socket (obviously). the only was my plan would be useful is if vhosts all matched to ip addresses. While creating a seperate IP and virtual adapter is pretty trivial in Linux, I've never heard of such a thing on Windows and it makes your network configuration quickly snowball.

      So my new thought is to stick to something much simpler. The problem is predominantly with authentication. So if two users on two different domains served by the same service exist, they must have either unique passwords or unique usernames. This means that username and email address will not necessarily match the username@domain hueristic.

      Anyhow it'll be a couple more days on this at least.