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    webmail client (jsf and ajax related)

    Jeff Cherng Newbie

      Hi there,

      Ok, here is what i got so far. I found couple frameworks that can be used for ajax and jsf.

      AjaxAnywhere: http://ajaxanywhere.sourceforge.net/
      AJAX-JSF Framework: http://smirnov.org.ru/en/ajax-jsf.html

      Those two frameworks should be helpful when I am programming ajax with jsf (imho less javascript gets involved, cleaner the code is going to be). However, I believe that both frameworks are under Apache License, Version 2.0. I am not sure if Apache license is compatible with LGPL.

      There is another resource called Echo2: http://www.nextapp.com/products/echo2/

      and check out their webmail demo: http://demo.nextapp.com/Email/app

      For Echo2, developer writes the pure java code, and the framework will generate the javascript and html dynamically. Echo2 can be licensed under LGPL.

      Even though Echo2 is nice, I would still prefer work with jsf. Just because I can play with JBoss Seam as well :P. Well, the real reason is that because jsf application is much easier to be transfer into the portlet project in the future.


      And I am sure that JBoss AS has (or will have) this feature. :)

      Please let me know if I can use any Apache licensed open source projects for developing webmail client for JBoss mail server. (Andy prefer everything to be LGPL compatible if possible).