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    Status of Development/Milestones

    Peter Goldstein Newbie


      I'm a developer looking at using JBoss Mail Server as part of a service that I expect to roll out sometime in late 2006. I'm trying to get a sense of how active JBoss Mail Server development is, and whether it may be ready for production use in that time frame.

      I looked at the JIRA records, but I didn't see any bugs resolved after October or so. Moreover, the schedule for M4, M5 indicated that these milestones should already have been reached. So it looks like there isn't much active development.

      At the same time, there are numerous posts in the JBoss Mail Server section of the forums. That seems to indicate activity.

      If there is an active development effort I may very well be interested in being a contributor. I'm a former committer to the Apache James project, so I have some experience with mail server development.

      Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


      Peter Goldstein

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          Andrew Oliver Master

          Hi Peter,

          I haven't committed my most recent changes because their a bit unstable at the moment. I also haven't decided how I want to do transactions properly, I'm thinking I'm going to be really really naughty and have a "locktable" for mailboxed because I don't really feel like the POP style transactions at least map directly to the kinds of transactions dbs/hbiernate/etc use.

          I've been out of town mostly for the last two months so things did slow around the holidays but that changes now. I've also been doing some experimentation for GUI stuff and configuration. Anyhow we should be getting back on track for M4. I'll be committing the latest changes in the next few days.

          I replied more substantively to your personal mail regarding how you can perrsonally participate and we certainly welcome you and others to do so! Welcome!

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            Andrew Oliver Master

            wow it is amazing how many speling gramer nd typing meestakes, i managed to push into that one email.

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              Nick Betteridge Newbie

              Hi Andrew

              Do you have any rough idea when you will have finished your refactoring and mods? I'm principly interested in any changes you have made re. imap, as we are quite desperate to get hold of an imap server.

              Thanks in advance

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                Andrew Oliver Master

                Well M4 will not be a usable IMAP. The refactoring of the mailbox will be in support of IMAP but IMAP will just be early stuff. I expected to be done with the mailbox refactoring but have hit a few snags. So "any day now". No substantial work remains to be done, its all hunting bugs and stuff. So I hope today...but could be tomorrow :-). After that I'll go over the bug list, do cleanup and put out M4-pre. M5 will be the first REAL IMAP. I expect a "prod" IMAP release in March. However, we won't call it 1.0 until we have the webmail and admin piece. That is now slated for June (JBossWorld).

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                  buzzheavyyear Newbie

                  Thanks for the feedback.

                  Just one question - will the "prod" IMAP release contain a tls connection?

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                    Andrew Oliver Master

                    definitely. We already have TLS for POP and SMTP (as well as SSL). There isn't IIRC any difference so this part of the work is already done.