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    Status of Development/Milestones

    Peter Goldstein Newbie


      I'm a developer looking at using JBoss Mail Server as part of a service that I expect to roll out sometime in late 2006. I'm trying to get a sense of how active JBoss Mail Server development is, and whether it may be ready for production use in that time frame.

      I looked at the JIRA records, but I didn't see any bugs resolved after October or so. Moreover, the schedule for M4, M5 indicated that these milestones should already have been reached. So it looks like there isn't much active development.

      At the same time, there are numerous posts in the JBoss Mail Server section of the forums. That seems to indicate activity.

      If there is an active development effort I may very well be interested in being a contributor. I'm a former committer to the Apache James project, so I have some experience with mail server development.

      Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.


      Peter Goldstein