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    Notes on the JBMS release process

    Andrew Oliver Master

      In the effort to formalize this I'm just taking notes on what I've done for each release.

      1. Milestones are pre-released until they are proven stable (presently I upgrade my mail server to the pre and if it all works that is the milestone).

      2. Testing is completed for each milestone on:
      a. Hypersonic
      b. MySQL
      c. Postgresql

      3. Occasional testing is done on oracle but is not part of the milestone process due to cost/time/qa constraints.

      4. The installer must be used to at lease create the installation for each DB.

      5. Unit tests should run as expected.

      6. A branch is created when the first official PRE is cut

      7. an announcement with special thanks to the biggest contributors is posted in the blog.