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      So I'm now able to send and receive mail with IMAP via T-Bird but TBird will go psycho trying to copy the mail into the sent folder until told to stop. This will be fixed probably today or tomorrow. I must implement the "Append" command from the IMAP spec. I'll commit this progress soon.

      Meanwhile I discovered a bug in T-Bird's IMAP:


      Ultimately, while T-Bird 1.5 will be our first target, it won't likely be our recommended client in the future. It more or less treats IMAP like a really inefficient version of POP. I'm not sure if all IMAP clients are like this or what. Part of the point of IMAP is that you don't have to keep everything locally. T-Bird tends to download everything and keep it there.

      Our ideal client would cache some messages and tend to download things in chunks but never suck the whole server down and keep it.

      My GOSH IMAP can suck though. Just to send the message you have to send the message to the server TWICE. Once over SMTP and once over IMAP. However this isn't REQUISITE behavior of the protocol per se, but if you write a generic client to a generic IMAP server, its the "compatible" behavior. We'll obviously create an option to have "sent" folders (actually I already have stuff set up for that) where mails are automatically copied upon sending rather than having to see the load twice. You can then disable the "automatically copy to the sent folder" via the Advanced Settings in T-Bird.


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          Andrew Oliver Master

          okay nailed the append (for now) that was easier than I thought. Gonna have to revisit the size calculation (probably as part of a greater refactoring of the MailHeaderImpl which has become a mudball). Regardless sending and receiving with IMAP through T-Bird (at least to myself) is working. Lots more to do (like delete command for instance), but this is progress!


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            As far as I can tell every major operation in Thunderbird works except for search. You can now move things, delete things, send mail, receive mail, etc.

            I still need:
            unsolicited events
            efficiency tweaks

            Following that we'll have reached the limits of what thunderbird can do with imap.