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    Naming convention

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      Everyone pay close attention to this:


      cause I've started moving everything to it (see recent commit). I've also committed the beginnings of our administration tool. Nearly all of the backend code is written with unit tests. It both makes changes to the runtime configuration and persistes them in the server/mail.ear/mail.sar/META-INF/jboss-service.xml.

      Right now I have some hardcoded filenames in there. I'll template them shortly. . I just switched laptops (well email and some services are still running on my old laptop) but was afraid that if something bad happened (just cause the laptop and I haven't known each other long) I'd lose a lot of work. I did tag things PREMESSACO just before my commit in the event this gets in anyone's way.

      We were planning on putting out a M5-pre1 this week but it is postponed till next week for logistical coordination with the next release of Flex. The demo will include the webmail/calendar as an online demo (As well as install) and a kicking example of a Mail-Based Application as well as Collaboration Based Application Services!

      The M5 release is reshaping slightly with some pieces moving to M6 and some of M6 moving to M5. To the user this may look slightly disappointing (in terms of IMAP and other support) because some of it is under the covers work. I had my reasons for moving less demonstrable features up (like the backend of admin with no frontend) some of which just have to do with the dynamics of the JBMS team. (meaning I suck at GUI stuff and everyone knows it...ya'll saw the M2 installer...the sooner the backend is done the better )..

      A lot of excitement is building around this project both inside JBI, the JBMS team and outside. I have to give the Adobe Flex and Flash teams a lot of credit. While having a really good collaboration story is essential, the sexy interface is what people see and what "sells" the software. (even if it is free ;-) ). Moreover, much larger teams working on similar problems have accomplished much less in much more time. So far as the GUI is concerned, we owe a lot of that to Flex -- and coffee.

      We're making other progress that you won't see immediately. Like I'm writing various increasingly formal documentation that won't be posted until later. I'm also figuring out how we'll handle training.