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    Hi Kids, question about reflection and Compiling MailBoxServ

    Jay Glass Novice

      I was trying to find out why, from web console, if you invoke getMailCountForFolder() or getMailListForFolder() in MailBoxManager.MailServices

      it throws an exception for either. I tried putting in folder ID's like 1, 2, or 3 as well as "folder" returned by getDefaultInFolderByAlias() but still throws an exception

      does this just mean it hasnt been implemented by the mBean author?

      Here is where my new, real, issue is:
      in trying to debug the above, I put system.out's in the MailBoxServiceImpl.java code, i then compiled this, and took the class file, placing it into mail.sar and par, as I am confused as to where exactly to put it, but this process worked for my modified MailListener class

      I know I am at least placing them in "a" correct folder, as it subsequently breaks the mailServer ability to list a users folder when MailBoxServiceImpl is called.

      I pretty much assumed i could just swap em out as I did with the mail listener, but it appears some sort of reflection is occurring during execution

      So my question is this, is it possible, using netbeans, that when I compile MailBoxServiceImpl I can generate the other needed "reflection" files.

      I.e. for each method in MailBoxServiceImpl there is/are files called
      - MailboxServiceImpl$getMailCountForFolder_N1178331888011301092.class
      - MailboxServiceImpl$getMailListForFolder_N1598150018804819701.class

      how do I generate those? I downloaded javassist-3.1 but am at a loss on how to use it, or if that is what I should use

      Please excuse the newbieness

      Utmost sincerity,

      Jay Glass