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    Jboss Mail WebClient and Jboss Portal

    js8523 Novice

      Hi All

      Does the webmail client work within the jboss portal, it would be good to build some integration between them, if they don't already exist.

      This would give the opportunity for people to deploy the webmail client as part of a wider portal implementation, and you may be able to cross sell the jboss mail server to the current portal users.

      Also I am a current developer using Seam, and from a personell point of view I am very interested in integration being built between the two development frameworks to enable mail enabled applications.

      As another through away comment have you got any ambitions to deploy this through the redhat server as ready installed/prepackaged ready to run, I think you would make a powerful play with some inbuilt configuration utilities?



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          Andrew Oliver Master

          So I'm more of a backend developer but when I talked to roy about this he said that it could be easily wrapped in a portlet. I'm less sure where SEAM comes into this, but Gavin was working on an example that did registration with SEAM/JBMS. Not sure what SEAM has to do with the JB Collab Client though (aka webmail though after 1.0 that will be inaccurate). Maybe James, Roy and/or Gavin can pipe in about Seam and Portal.


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            Roy Russo Master

            I don't think SEAM fits in this picture at all, but one never knows what the Gavin is cooking.

            However, since the ui James Ward created outputs flash, this can easily be deployed in a portal environment, within a portlet.

            We have a sample flash portlet running on out live demo: http://portal.demo.jboss.com/. If you go in to editMode, you will see the src of the swf file can be altered.