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    Sorry for the delay

    Andrew Oliver Master

      M5-pre1 is building now. Will be up in a matter of hours. Releasing while traveling is hard.

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          yoyo young Newbie


          What's the difference between M5-pre1 and M5?


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            Andrew Oliver Master

            We always put out a "pre" before the actual Milestone. The pre is then deployed, and after about a weeks worth of "real life" testing if nothing goes wrong we just update all of the stamps and finish the documentation and call it a Milestone. If there are significan issues we put out a pre2. It is highly unlikely that M5-pre1 will differ greatly from M5 in more than upgraded versioning. "pre" means "preview" or "pre-release'.

            We'll go to a more standard versioning scheme after JBCS 1.0.